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Rare earth compounds

The term "rare earth", introduced in the late XVIII century ("lands" in the language of chemists those years called refractory, insoluble oxides), is not quite correct, because the contents of these metals in the earth's crust ranges from 60 ppm for cerium up to 0 ,5 ppm for thulium and lutetium.

In other words, almost all of them are found in the earth's crust more than silver, and four of the most common elements (yttrium, lanthanum, cerium and neodymium) - to a greater extent than lead. The only truly rare in this group is promethium (atomic number 61), which is radioactive with very short half-life, and in nature it is vanishingly small.


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New powders - catalytic materials
La-Ce-Zr composite powder catalytic materialUsed to produce oil catalyst
Ce-Zr composite powder catalytic materialMainly used in automobile exhaust purification three-way catalytic purifier, as the exhaust gas purification catalyst for exhaust system coating material
RE-Y zeolite catalystUsed to produce oil catalyst
Cerium products
Cerium NitrateUsed in chemical,metallurgical and another industry
Cerium ChlorideUsed to manufacture petrochemical catalysts, metal cerium and cerium compounds
Cerium AcetateUsed to manufacture catalyst and other organic cerium compounds
Cerium OxideUsed as glass decolourant, polishing powder, phosphors and raw materials for producing cerium metal
Ceric Ammonium NitrateUsed as circuit piate etchant and chemical reaction initiator
The compounds of praseodymium and neodymium
Neodymium OxideUsed to produce neodymium metal, glass and ceramics colourant
Praseodymium OxideUsed to produce ceramics glass colourant and praseodymium metal
Lanthanum products
Lanthanum OxideUsed as a component of special glasses in high-temperature ceramics
Lanthanum HydroxideUsed for producing catalysts, magnetic material, ceramic condenser, etc.
Lanthanum CarbonateUsed to produce catalyst and other lanthanum compounds
Lanthanum ChlorideUsed to produce lanthanum and other lanthanum compounds
Lanthanum AcetateUsed to produce catalyst and other lanthanum compounds
Lanthanum NitrateUsed to produce catalyst and other lanthanum compounds


The value of REM is continuously growing due to their use in many modern technologies, including the manufacture of catalytic converters, filters, car exhaust, fiber optics, lasers, oxygen sensors, phosphors and superconductors.

Speaking about the structure of the global consumption of REM, it should be noted that much of this material is used as a relatively cheap hybrid compounds. Large amounts of rare earth in the form of a mixture of oxides used in the steel, glass and ceramic industries. About 25% of all recovered unseparated REM is the production of separated pure metals.



Main spheres of use in the production of rare-earth metals:

REM Designation Sphere of application
Scandium Sc High-strength Al-Sc-alloys, cathode-ray tube.
Yttrium Y Capacitors, phosphors, microwave filters, glass, oxygen sensors, radar, lasers, superconductors.
Lanthanum La Glass, ceramics, automotive catalysts, phosphors, pigments, batteries.
Cerium Ce Polishing powders, ceramics, phosphors, glass, catalysts, pigments, misch metal, UV filters.
Praseodimium Pr Ceramics, glass, pigments.
Neodimium Nd Permanent magnets, catalysts, IR filters, pigments for glass lasers.
Promethium Pm Sources for measuring instruments, miniature nuclear batteries, phosphors.
Samarium Sm Permanent magnets, microwave filters, nuclear industry.
Europium Eu Phosphors.
Terbium Tb Phosphors.
Dysprosium Dy Phosphors, ceramics, nuclear industry.
Holmium Ho Ceramics, lasers, nuclear industry.
Erbium Er Ceramics, pigments for glass, fiber optics, lasers, nuclear industry.
Ytterbium Yb Metallurgy, chemical industry.
Lutetium Lu Single crystal scintillators.
Thulium Tm Cathode-ray tubes, the visualization of images in medicine.
Gadolinium Gd Visualizing medical imaging, optical and magnetic recording, ceramics, glass, laser, crystal scintillators.