Rare earth metals - are 17 kinds of elements used in the manufacture of high-tech products, from TVs to wind turbines and weapons. China owns 30 percent of the world reserves of these metals, but its share of global production is 97 percent.

Rare earth elements are used in various branches of technology: in electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. Widely used La, Ce, Nd, Pr in the glass industry in the form of oxides and other compounds. These elements are increased the translucency of glass. Rare earth elements are part of the special glasses that transmit infrared rays and absorbing ultraviolet rays, acid-and heat-resistant glass. Of great importance were the rare earth elements and their compounds in the chemical industry, for example, in the manufacture of pigments, paints and varnishes, in the petroleum industry as catalysts. Rare earth elements are used in the manufacture of certain explosives, special steels and alloys, as getters. Single-crystal compounds of rare earth elements (and glass) is used to create the laser and other optical active and nonlinear elements in optoelectronics.