Currently, we have extensive experience in the supply of raw materials for the chemical industry. Consumer Research and numerous testimonials of our customers give us the opportunity to form and maintain the range of stocks, use the optimal algorithm sales and most efficient supplying scheme.
The company ALLODIS ROHSTOFFREICH GmbH is an importer and exporter of various raw materials, rare earth metals and their oxides, elements of the plasma industry, vinyl and other types of wallpapers, materials for their production and industrial chemistry in 2003. We are representatives of many foreign manufacturers and supply goods to large industrial enterprises.

Our advantages:

We are interested in the creation and early implementation of international quality management system ISO-9001, so that the products and the level of management of the company in line with international standards. Our company is focused on the needs of the market, we take into account the latest scientific achievements in technology and recent developments in the field of management. Our efforts to improve production, research and development of new technologies and products enhance the company's competitiveness, promote sustainable and effective development. Adhering to the principle of management of "orientation - to the consumer," given the philosophy of "the first thing - quality", we provide customers with quality products and good service. We sincerely hope to cooperate and develop business with your friends in this country and abroad.