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The Company ALLODIS ROHSTOFFREICH GmbHGmbH offers a wide range of products in our main directions:

Rare earth - it is really a strategic raw material for any major economy. For example, the separation of plutonium from a very similar atomic properties of uranium occurs with help lanthanum fluoride. In the production of single crystals for solid-state lasers (yttrium aluminum, alyumogadolinium grenade) used almost the full range of rare earth elements, and especially neodymium, yttrium, cerium, gadolinium and erbium. Gadolinium, erbium, europium, dysprosium owing to unique ability to absorb neutrons (high capture cross section) are added to the control rods and the fuel for nuclear reactors (uranium-gadolinium and uranium-erbium). For example, a fraction of a percent of erbium may extend the campaign to fuel nuclear power plants, from three to five years. From these metals are doing special coating to protect from radiation used in neutron capture therapy for the treatment of advanced cancers in the brain.

Rare earths are essential in metallurgy. A mixture of so-called misch metal (an alloy of rare earth containing 45-50% Ce, 20-25% La, 15-17% Nd and 8-10% of other elements) is added to the steel and absorbs the parasitic elements, such as oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. As a result, steel is cold-resistance, heat-resistant, flexible, improves its corrosion resistance and toughness. REM is also used as an alloying of titanium, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. For example, by entering the yttrium crumbs on the nanoscale in stainless steel in VNIINM name of. Bochvar in 2010 did the fuel cladding for the BN-1200, which will withstand the load previously unthinkable - the temperature to 1200 degrees and strong radiation. With samarium-cobalt and neodymium-iron-boron today are made permanent magnets, far exceeding the old barium and strontium-magnetic ferrites. Without rare earth magnets almost inconceivable today not one electronic device. Cerium oxide is used for polishing ordinary mirrors, and for the production of liquid crystal displays and light-sensitive glass, optical lenses and polishing gemstones. As for the addition of rare earth in the optical lenses, it is due to their unique properties appear selective transmittance and high refractive index. REM claimed as catalysts to optimize allocation of the oil light oil.

Rare earths are used in phosphors, component audio systems, as markers in medicine. Silicon is being doped by RE for semiconductors. I n addition, it was set up the pattern - the "higher" technology, the greater the need for the use of REM. So, for a hybrid car, the latest relevant European environmental standards require about 10 kg of rare earth metals - mainly in the motor and the battery. In general, the modern international community, taking into account it’s passion for innovation, firmly is sitting on the rare-earth needle.